Friday, May 17, 2013

Organic Clay Pendants and a few Glass Cabochons

Organic handmade clay pendants on Etsy


This is one of my finished clay pendants from my recent firing. I have stained the pendant in it's bisque stage with a lovely lavender underglazing. I then coated, front and back, with a soft matte glaze and refired.

 I love the organic look of this pendant. I work with my clay on the drier side so that, in the forming process, I get all of the wonderful cracks and artifacts in the clay.

 Each piece is made to look like an ancient relic or pottery shard, worn from time and exposure to the elements.

This piece, and many more, are currently listed in my shop.

A few of my handmade glass cabochons...

One of my freeformed glass cabochons

Another of my glass lampworked cabochons, Astra
Astra, set in a piece of jewelry by Martha Bogner of Grey Feather Creations on Etsy, beautiful!

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