Monday, May 13, 2013

Sterling Earrings....contemporary, clean designs in metal

"Shield" sterling earrings handformed from wire/sheet
"Gecko" domed sterling earrings, roller printed, domed

"Odessia" sterling earrings from sheet/wire, roller printed and domed
"Minimal" sterling earrings, fabricated from sheet/wire

My Signature stamp on all of my jewelry.

 I love to work with sterling silver. I like the idea that I can take a simple sheet of metal and some wire and turn it into a miniature piece of art to wear.

I wanted something unique to use in my jewelry so I started creating one of a kind glass cabochons to incorporate into my work. I also sell my cabs in my shop. See my link to the right!

Below is a piece that I created using one of my cabochons set in a sterling silver bezel which was soldered to a roll printed back plate of sterling. I soldered an oval ring to the back of my piece and attached two jump rings. This pendant hangs from a solid sterling silver wire necklace.

"Oceanside" sterling silver and lampworked glass cabochon pendant

I will be back in my studio this week to create more pieces using my cabochons. Those pieces will be listed in my shop in the near future.

Stay tuned !!

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