Friday, October 11, 2013

I LOVE enameling...combining my Etsy shops...some new glass cabs

My first enameled piece..domed...1 1/2".
"Joyful"....a glass cabochon that I will use in my own jewelry design.

"Dreamtime" this glass cab..will be set in a prong set pendant.
 I pulled out some enamel powders, given to me by a friend, and started to play with them using my propane torch.

Wow...the process is quick and easy and the colors almost burst as the piece cools....I really...really....REALLY  like enameling!

I have plans to do some wonderful organic pieces and use them in my own jewelry. I have not decided whether or not I will list some enameled disks for sale in my Growing Edge Glass jewelry supply shop on Etsy. More than likely I will.

I am combining my Etsy Glass and Clay shops so that all of my jewelry designer components can be found in one means less work for me online and more time in the studio! Yay!

Kind of the ongoing theme in my life right now....simplify...get rid of the clutter.....breathe.....have fun....that kind of thing.

"Manifest"....a for me! This will become a gorgeous pendant and a reminder of my own ability to manifest.

"Totem".... a clay pendant.

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