Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Etching & Foldforming Copper Metal Sheet

One of my copper pendants etched with a design that I stamped.

A vintage copper pendant shape that I etched with a hand-drawn design.
An etched copper pendant...stamped and hand designed.

A raw sheet of copper that was etched in acid...design was stamped on.

A copper pendant (in process) that was foldformed then oxidized. Foldforming is the process of annealing (softening in flame or kiln) metal then folding it, then hammering it flat. You then unfold the metal and hammer it again revealing the "crease" in the metal. This process can be repeated many times on a piece as long as you anneal it when it becomes too work hardened. The creases are the lines you see in the piece above. A very textural and unique way of adding character to a piece of work.

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