Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve ... 2015 ... New Jewelry ... New Glass Cabochons ... My Beloved Chryss

Merry Christmas .. Happy Holidays ... Happy New Year

Magpie ... sterling silver and peridot ... one of my pendants. 

" Eye of the Storm " ... one of my designer glass cabochons.

" Pink Sunflower " ... one of my designer glass cabochons.

" Hearts a Flutter " .... one of my designer glass cabochons that I set in a sterling setting. This piece is available in my Etsy shop.

" Violets & Pearls " .... one of my designer glass cabochons that I set in a silver setting ... a lovely cultured peach pearl drop.

" Gerbera Daisy " .... one of my macro shots of a Gerbera Daisy in my garden ... nature is perfect, nature is healing.
" My Beloved Boy, Chryss "

Beloved Boy of Mine .... Heart of my Hearts
My Heart is heavy with the loss of you.
Gone almost 8 weeks now
I look for you ..... everywhere ..... just one quick glimpse
of you, running free, that smile on your face
would be enough to sustain me, this grateful but shattered heart
will heal in time .... will heal ..... in time....
knowing you are at play and living each of your divine moments,
knowing I will surely see you again .. hold you again .. one day.
Thank you for the joy, love and healing that you brought me, Chryss ...
 the one who loves and adores you beyond measure.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Something New in my Etsy shop! Smaller glass cabochons for rings or small pendants!

A handful of my smaller lampworked glass cabochons for jewelry designers, in Etsy now!

"Cherry Blossom" ... one of my lampworked glass cabochons for jewelry designers.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Arriving....Glass Cabochons As Talisman

"Arriving"....a handmade glass cabochon.
This cabochon is a reminder to me, my own personal Talisman, of my desire for growth and inner change. A "magic" reminder that I am the manifestor of my dreams. In a world so fraught with negativity and distraction, a simple Talisman necklace can be that guiding light that helps you navigate the path and stay the course. I will be setting this piece in a sterling silver setting and wearing it as a pendant. I hope to create more Talisman pieces and list them in my shop.